Toilet, only place to be alone and some people still try to invade this privacy with notes they leave

Im a big fan of toilet notes, i always love to get a phonenumber or an email adress of some bars (hopefully) unisex bathroom wall. Usually tho, signes remind me my ex girlfriend and he mom.

If you ask me, the following is waaay to graphic, maybe acurate only on mornings. Plus I would always choose the first aproach, atleast i know my weenie aint toching something other people have made brown on.

Befre i started writing a caption for this picture, i had to go and try it out, I skipped the 4th one becouse of my weight and 5th becouse i thraw away my fishing pole after fishing for cops with donuts. Btw all are good, dont limit yourself - it should be a crime to not allow 3rd.

25% of people dont have clean drinking water, i think its rational to save some, its only piss for whatever sakes. But id rather flush it next time, if some psycho b$£$h (like my ex) went thro the troble of writing and printing and tapeing this on the wall then better not mess with her.

Now were in the poetry section :) When your brown, goes all around, let your farts go, dont mind the sound.

Theres a stupid slogan, if shes not gonna tell i really have no reason to keep her clean.

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