Dogs - they poop, run away, and attack strangers, but so do we sometimes ;)

For me it seems like dogs are expected to be more and more like us, theyr slave keepers - as in now we haveto take theyr $hit

If your dog dose a poo, please put it in a litter bin. Funny enath, dogs looks happy with the outcome, probly cos theres tons of poo in the bin, made by his friends :)

Now my dog can bearly sit on command, but after seeing this im going outside to train him some new tricks that actually come in handy. Who knows, maybe one day his gonna clean after me ?

Most likely a troll, a small raskel looks like frasiers dog, or should i say his fathers. btw. if anyone can get me some of dat hostility decreasing medicin by christmast, i would be very thankful.

Its always funny, when people are forced to put up some sort of sign stating they have a dog and it actually might act as a dog.

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